Governor Kicks Off College Commission

Cheyenne, Wy – Don't be tentative in examining Wyoming's
community colleges and the way that system is operated and funded.
That's what Governor Freudenthal told the Governor's Commission
on Community Colleges today (Wednesday). The commission was holding
its first meeting in Cheyenne.
Freudenthal says Wyoming now has enough predictable revenue from
the energy industry to take the state's community colleges to a --
quote -- "higher level."
Freudenthal appointed the 14-member commission last month to
look at how the colleges address work force development issues,
including technical and career training. The chairman of the
commission, Tex Boggs, says he now gets the feeling that
Freudenthal has broadened the charge of the commission. That charge
now includes funding issues and possible organizational changes.
A draft report is due back to Freudenthal by September.