Governor Mead Asks For Clarification On Pavillion Peer Review Groups

Dec 21, 2011

Governor Matt Mead has asked for the Environmental Protection Agency to clarify how the peer review process will work, when it comes the groundwater investigation in Pavillion.

Earlier this month, the EPA released a draft report indicating that ground water in the aquifer contains compounds that are “likely associated with gas production practices, including hydraulic fracturing”.  

Governor Mead's policy director Sean Reese says Mead sent a letter asking for state involvement.

“That Wyoming be consulted with us as the process is developed, and that peer review members have a knowledge of the unique geology and hydrology in the pavilion area,” says Reexe

Reese also says the governors call for more testing may give Wyoming input into the proceedings.

“We’re working very closely with a working group comprised of citizens, representative of state agencies as well as the epa,” says Reese. “Wwe have been somewhat frustrated that the EPA has gone outside of that work group, and so we really would like to make sure that the process is transparent and that everyone is working with the complete set of data.”

Reese says the Governor hopes the peer review panel will come up with a final consensus report and that the panel will take into consideration the unique circumstances in the areas geology and hydrology to better understand water concerns about Pavillion.

TheEPA is not making public comment until the final report is released in late February or March of 2012.