Governor Mead discusses Juvenile Justice

Casper, WY – Recently the A-C-L-U and other organizations have been critical of what they call the high numbers of Juvenile's who are jailed, despite only committing a minor offense. Groups have called for a uniform approach towards addressing Juvenile offenders and currently, how Juveniles are handled depends on the County. Governor Matt Mead says he is still trying to get a handle on how large the problem is, but says he does favor some type of uniform approach.
Mead also says that Judges need the ability to use jail as an option.
"The goal is not to put as many Juveniles in jail as possible, the goal is to address Juvenile problems and delinquency and address it. Jail is always going to be part of that, but we don't want to put more than we have to in jail."
Mead says he would like to see a Juvenile Justice system with strong accountability, but he does think they need to move away from incarcerating Juveniles. The legislature's Judiciary committee is tackling the issue next week.