Governor pardons Meenan

Casper, Wy – Gov. Dave Freudenthal has pardoned a law school friend who pleaded guilty in 2003 to forgery and identity theft involving his stepchildren's finances.
Freudenthal told The Associated Press on Wednesday that he wrestled with whether to issue the pardon for former Natrona County district attorney Kevin Meenan, who once was one of the top law enforcement officials in the state.
The governor said he has been friends with Meenan since they were at the University of Wyoming law school together more than 30 years ago.
"I believe that it is an appropriate case for clemency," Freudenthal said. "And frankly, the clemency has probably been delayed by virtue of my unease of my relationships here."
Meenan pleaded guilty to forgery and identity theft for signing his stepchildren's names to obtain credit cards and to spending funds from a $55,000 personal injury settlement that one of them received without their consent. He also pleaded guilty to official misconduct.
Freudenthal said his pardon, signed Tuesday, recognizes that Meenan, 55, satisfied his sentence of two years of supervised probation. The governor said it doesn't stand as an endorsement of what Meenan did.