Governor pleased with legacy

Cheyenne, Wy – As he wraps up his final days in office the one topic governor Dave Freudenthal tries to avoid are questions about his legacy. But Freudenthal admits he is very proud of what he and the legislature accomplished during his eight years in office. The governor says it was a partnership that led to new buildings at the University of Wyoming the Hathaway Scholarship and money to try to jump start economic development. Freudenthal says that it certainly helped that the state was getting millions from an energy boom.
"We did a pretty good job with the opportunities we were presented in terms of getting some things going, such as Hathaway to the consumer advocate at the PSC. But also things like Clarene Law had created the cultural trust and it had never been funded. Finally we had a chance to do it."
Freudenthal is also thrilled that the Wildlife Trust fund was approved and funded. While they spent some money, the governor points out that the state put billions of dollars into the permanent mineral trust fund and other savings accounts.