Governor Pushes Power Plants

Bismark, North Dakota – Governor Freudenthal says electric customers want cheap power, but they also want reduced pollution -- and less carbon dioxide emissions.
Freudenthal says those things are going to drive up the cost of
electricity, and customers need to know that.
Freudenthal spoke today (Thursday) to the annual meeting of
Basin Electric Power Cooperative in Bismarck, North Dakota.
Basin intends to build a new coal-fueled power plant near
Gillette. The plant should be running in 2011.
Freudenthal says Wyoming wants to have more power plants and
export the electricity -- instead of just shipping coal out of
He says some of the big electric customers in Arizona and
California want electric power at current prices -- without
pollution and carbon dioxide emissions. Carbon dioxide is believed
to be a contributor to global warming.
Freudenthal says customers need to know that cutting pollution
-- and having low carbon dioxide emissions -- can't be done for
free. He says customers need to be told the price of electricity
will be going up as a result.