Governor says wolf talks have picked up

Laramie, WY – Governor Matt Mead says discussions between the federal government and the state over an agreeable wolf management plan have intensified in the last three weeks. Mead says the key issue is determining where wolves would be classified as trophy game and where they could be shot on sight. Mead is also calling for the state to manage 100 total wolves, not including those in Yellowstone National Park. The current agreement would have Wyoming manage 15 breeding pairs and a total of 150 wolves, but that includes those located in Yellowstone. Mead says he is trying to reach an agreement this summer, but he points out that he will not have the final say.
"If we reach something that's acceptable, then we would have to make that proposal to the legislature. And the legislature either has to accept it or not."
Mead says if a good agreement is reached, he will consider calling the legislature in for a special session, so that Wyoming can begin managing wolves as quickly as possible.