Governor says Wyoming will do a better job with Pavillion than the EPA

Jul 10, 2013

Wyoming’s Governor says the state will work hard to find out what contaminated water in Pavillion , and will develop a long term solution to the water woes for residents in the area. 

Last month the E-P-A announced it was relinquishing its role in a study that had tentatively linked hydraulic fracturing with groundwater pollution. Landowners are upset with that the fact that the state will now handle the investigation.  Governor Matt Mead says the E-P-A was taking too long.            

We can get it going and get somewhere and get some answers.  Because how many years has this been going on?  And what answers have been provided that have been any help to the citizens, the state, or the industry.  And my answer is zero.”

He’s focused on two key things.                

“What has happened up there…to the best that we can figure it out.  And then if additional wells need to be drilled we can look at that…additional testing…whatever.  Number two is we want those citizens up there to have a good water solution and not for two or four years, but a long term water solution.”

The Governor says the state will use the best science, although critics worry that the study won’t be peer reviewed.