Governor Supports Legislation

Cheyenne, Wyoming – A company based in Austin, Texas is urging Wyoming lawmakers to oppose a bill that tries to increase accountability for corporations registered in the state.
Capitol Services Incorporated says the bill does nothing to solve the problem of fraudulent companies registering in the state, and places an unreasonable burden on registered agents - the people who file paperwork on behalf of corporations.
Governor Dave Freudenthal says he generally supports the bill, which has been drafted with the help of Secretary of State Max Maxfield. There is not a big burden we're placing on people, but we are trying to go from being one of two states in the country that are considered essentially filing mills for corporations and business entities, to being one in which we have a little more information about it.
The governor says Wyoming's current laws have allowed the state to be labeled as fraud-friendly. He says the bill tries to identify the face behind a corporation.