Governor: Trustees mishandled Ayers' meeting

Laramie, WY – Governor Dave Freudenthal says the University of Wyoming trustees have mishandled their recent dealings concerning Bill Ayers. He is the former anti war activist who spoke on the U-W campus after successfully suing the university. The trustees had planned to discuss the situation in a closed meeting this week, but then cancelled that plan after objections arose about the legality of barring the public. Freudenthal says there was no reason to have the discussion in private.
"They took a circumstance in which there was high drama, the drama kind of dies down and we start dealing with it in a logical fashion. Well, we can't have that so let's have high drama I mean we just go a whipping from the court so let's go lick our wounds, but we're going to do it in secret."
As for the development of a policy for who can speak on campus. Freudenthal says he supports a policy that keeps people better informed, but there should not be some sort of gatekeeper.