Governor Vetoes Three Bills

Laramie, Wy – Governor Dave Freudenthal vetoed three bills today. Most notably the Governor vetoed the measure that would have increased the punishment for killing a woman and her fetus. Freudenthal says under the Supreme Court decision Roe versus Wade an unborn fetus is not a *person* for purposes of 14th Amendment protection. He notes that this bill would have made it a homicide to terminate a pregnancy. And homicide is by definition the killing of a person. Thus, he says the bill implicitly defines any unborn fetus as a person. He says that would have put Wyoming in the middle of the abortion debate.
That's despite supporters of this proposal saying it is not about bestowing rights on a fetus, but rather trying to protect pregnant woman from domestic violence. The legislature finished work a week ago, it would have to come back into session to override this veto.