Governor wants to fund 2 health care issues

Laramie, Wy – Governor Dave Freudenthal is recommending that the legislature put additional money toward two health care issues. In his proposed supplemental budget, Freudenthal is asking for an additional 66 million dollars to cover a shortfall in the state Medicaid program. The program saw a 20 percent increase in enrollment over the last year. The governor does not think benefits should be cut, but he says they must keep costs from rising.
"We have a fairly conservative program, pretty well thought out. But I think that compassion needs an element of fiscal responsibility to it. We have not been prepared for the consequences of an increased population on Medicaid that needs more management then we have done in the past. Particularly on chronic diseases."
Freudenthal is also recommending that the University get a one-time six million dollar allocation to make up for a shortfall stemming from health insurance premiums. U-W will consider raising fees to deal with the shortfall long term.