Governors Council Wants Stiffer Penalties

Cheyenne, Wy – The governor's Council on Impaired Driving
is recommending tougher penalties for people who have children with
them when they drink and drive.
Twenty-seven states have tougher penalties for people who drive
under the influence with children. In eight other states, tougher
penalties are suppported by case law.
The 40-member council was established more than a year ago. The
law it is seeking could bump up penalties if any driver 18 or older
drives with anyone under 16 as a passenger.
Currently the same thing can be accomplished only by applying
two parts of state law - the D-U-I law and one against child
Lorrie Pozarik is the council's executive director. She says 15
children have been killed in Wyoming in crashes involving alcohol
over the past 15 years. Of those, 12 children were passengers in
cars driven by impaired drivers.