Governor's threat is getting some attention

Cheyenne, Wy – Governor Dave Freudenthal is getting some national attention for his threat to sell off a portion of Grand Teton National park owned by the state. The land could be sold to developers and the state believes it would fetch a hefty price. Wyoming is trying to force the Interior Department to trade land, minerals or mineral royalties for over 13-hundred acres it owns within Grand Teton. Freudenthal says that the state has tried for a decade to negotiate some kind of land trade with the federal government. Now he has written Grand Teton officials saying that Wyoming will pursue a sale if a trade does not happen soon.
Wyoming gets just $3000 dollars a year from the land by leasing it for cattle grazing. Sold with the proceeds invested at 3 percent, state officials say it could easily bring in almost $3.75 million dollars a year.
The state constitution requires state officials to manage state lands for maximum profit. Officials say their oaths of office require them to act.