In Gov's Race Freudenthal Raised Triple Hunkins' Total

Laramie, Wy – Governor Freudenthal's re-election campaign continues to enjoy a substantial fund-raising advantage over Republican challenger Ray Hunkins.
Freudenthal reports he's raised just over 830-thousand dollars from the start of his campaign through the third week of August.
Hunkins reports that he's raised over 276-thousand dollars, including 85-thousand in loans from Hunkins himself.
Freudenthal says the number of people who have contributed money to his campaign indicates to him that for the most part people think Wyoming is on the right track.
Hunkins says that he's gratified that more than 600 people have contributed to his campaign so far. He says he looks forward to additional fund-raising as he campaigns through the general election.
Hunkins is a lawyer and rancher from Wheatland. He says he has been acting as a backstop for his campaign by putting in money as necessary. He says he's hopeful he won't have to put in as much for the general election as he put in before last month's primary election.