Graduated Driver's License Proposal Almost Law

Cheyenne, Wy – Some state legislators still believe that 16 year old drivers should be allowed to have more then one passenger in their car, even if they are to have an intermediate license. That was part of the second day of debate on the Graduated Drivers License bill. The bill as it is currently written does not allow more then one passenger under the age of 18, if a 16 year old is driving. This led to an attempt to amend the bill to allow three passengers. Ethete Representative Patrick Goggles says many students in his district car pool 16 miles and the bill could present hardships, especially on low income families that can't afford two or three cars.
However, Douglas Representative Dave Edwards argued that limiting passengers has been proven to save lives, because it limits distractions. The Graduated Drivers License bill will be debated for a final time on Wednesday.