Grand Teton Transportation Plan Unveiled

Jackson, Wy – About 42 miles of new bike and pedestrian
pathways would be built as part of a new 45 (M) million dollar plan
the National Park Service devised to improve transportation in
Grand Teton National Park in northwest Wyoming.
After considering thousands of public comments on four initial
proposals, the Park Service released a plan today (Tuesday) that
includes pathways to make the park more accessible and safer for
cyclists and pedestrians.
The new plan also includes realigning sections of park roadway
to improve wildlife habitat and developing a transit plan that will
allow visitors to get around the 310-thousand-acre park other than
driving their own vehicles.
Park spokeswoman Joan Anzelmo says the whole idea is to provide
Grand Teton visitors more ways of seeing the scenic park outside of
their vehicles.
The Park Service still has to consult with the U.S. Fish and
Wildlife Service before the plan is made final and any work begins.
Actual construction of pathways isn't expected to begin until 2008.
The Washington-based National Parks Conservation Association
says the new plan is "studious, thoughtful and visionary" and a
model for other national parks.