Grand Teton is trying to keep people away from grizzly bears

Jackson, WY – Grand Teton National Park officials say they are trying to address the issue of visitors getting too close to animals on the side of the road. Park Spokeswoman Jackie Skaggs says people are not allowed to be within 100 yards of wildlife and they can be ticketed if they violate the order. Skaggs says this is in response to recent traffic jams caused by people jumping out of their cars to see and take photos of Grizzly Bears that have wandered close to the road. Skaggs says a mother grizzly has bluff charged some people and park officials worry that something more serious could occur. This includes harm to the young bears as they dart between cars.
"One of the things we are worried about is that the small cubs might get run over by someone who's trying to drive their car and weave their car through this line of parked cars and people out of their cars. It's a very chaotic situation."
Some veteran local photographers have objected to the new rules, saying they should be exempted. But Skaggs says that Park officials decided that the same rules should apply to everyone.