Grant meant to promote uniform curriculum for Wyoming nurses

Sep 5, 2011

LARAMIE, WY (wpr) - Partners Investing in Nursing's Future issued a grant to the non-profit Wyoming Community Foundation last week.

The foundation will distribute the grants to fund two main goals. The first is leadership development among Wyoming nurses.

Grant Project Director Mary Burman, says the other goal is to draw more nurses graduating from baccalaureate programs.

"What we're hoping to accomplish, it's a pretty ambitious goal, is to have a common curriculum shared amongst the community colleges and U.W. Each program would be separate, each program would retain its own autonomy, but we would share a curriculum therefore making it really easy."

Currently, about 30-percent of practicing nurses in Wyoming hold a baccalaureate diploma, while 70-percent have an associate's degree. It will be funded over the next three years.