Green River Arts Council

Jul 2, 2013

The Green River Arts Council provides access to the arts for the citizens and visitors of Green River.  The Council offers community-wide opportunities to celebrate creativity through frequent and fun events and festivals.  

For example, the sculpture showcase features original pieces from regional and local artists among the avenues of the city.   Recently, the Green River Arts Council brought in the nationally-acclaimed “Painting With a Twist” for a great and interactive evening of fun where participants got to take home a unique painting that they created.  The Council also provided high school and middle school music students with a free two-day clinic from Master Clinician, composer, and jazz musician Dr. Christopher White of Pandemusicum.

Most recently, the Council welcomed Mr. James Naughton, a contemporary landscape artist who is visiting sites of Thomas Moran’s most iconic paintings, including those depicting the beautiful geography of Green River.  Mr. Naughton will be producing a substantial body of paintings to be shown alongside the Thomas Moran collection at the public art gallery in Bolton, England, the birthplace of the great painter. 

The Green River Arts Council is proud to present an Annual Art on the Green in at the historic Expedition Island.  In the spot where the Powell expedition set forth, 38 2D and 3D artists from across Wyoming and beyond will compete in a 24 hour live competition for $13,000 in prize money.  This event is free and open to the public, who will have the chance to interact with artists throughout the duration of the competition.   The public will be able to purchase original pieces, bid during the silent auction, participate in both a Kid's Corner and an adult demonstration of painting technique, and join the artists for the awards banquet in the evening.

For more information, visit Art on the Green .