Greene Wins House Seat

CHEYENNE, wyo – After considerable debate, the Wyoming House of Representatives confirmed Laramie Republican Matt Greene as the official Representative of House District 45. Greene's residency was the subject of dispute. He was serving in the military in Afghanistan several months before he decided to run against incumbent Democrat Seth Carson. Greene won the election in November, but Carson challenged Greene's eligibility by noting that Greene did not live in House District 45 for a year prior to running.
House Corporations Committee chairman Pete Illoway says despite Greene's military service he was ineligible to run

"Mathias Greene is a resident of the state of Wyoming," says Illoway. "When he returns from Afghanistan he may vote where he wants. But under our constitution it says you must be a resident of that district for a year."

During hearings, Greene had testified that he placed his belongings in a storage facility in House District 45, so that he could run for the seat when he returned. Others noted that this dispute was public and Laramie voters still selected Greene. The house approved Greene 42-16.