Greg Phillips is confirmed by the U-S Senate

Jul 8, 2013

Wyoming’s Attorney General has a new job.  Greg Phillips was unanimously confirmed by the U-S Senate to serve on the U-S Court of Appeals for the 10th Circuit. 

Phillips, a Democrat, was strongly supported by both of Wyoming’s Republican U-S Senators.  Senator Mike Enzi used to serve with Phillips in the Wyoming legislature and says Phillips is highly qualified and well thought of.

“Greg and his family are highly respected in their Wyoming community and Wyoming’s proud to call Greg one of our own.  He’ll be an outstanding judge to follow Terry O’Brien…another long time friend of mine.  I know his successor will honorably fill that seat."

U-S Senator John Barrasso told the Senate that Phillips brings a lot of experience to the bench.

“He has worked in private practice, he has worked in the office of the U-S Attorney for Wyoming, and he currently serves as Attorney General for the state of Wyoming.  The breath of his experience, his understanding of the law, and the role of the judge as well as thoroughness that he approaches his responsibilities…well Mr. President…they will serve him well.”

In a statement, Mead said Phillips has a great legal mind, common sense, the highest ethical standards and a work ethic second to none.

Phillips will serve on a court that is based in Denver and covers appellate cases from Colorado, Kansas, New Mexico, parts of Oklahoma, Utah and Wyoming.