Grills Can Start Fires

Laramie, WY – Fire officials are cautioning people to make sure their grills don't start a fire this Fourth of July.

Charcoal and gas grills caused more than eight thousand fires nationwide in 2005, the latest year that statistics are available. Rick Jansen is the fire marshal for the City of Laramie. He says one temptation to avoid is spraying lighter fluid on already-lit coals.

"We all know that we probably shouldn't be adding flammable liquid to an already burning fire," he said.

"But people do it day in and day out. You're better off not playing those odds and just waiting for those coals to be at a cooking temperature," Jansen added.

Jansen also recommends that you check your gas grill to make sure that the burners haven't been clogged with grease before turning it on. A clogged burner could lead to an explosion.