Grizzlies Could Be Delisted

Laramie, Wy –
The U-S Department of Interior is moving forward with plans to remove the Grizzly bear from the Endangered Species list. nvironmental groups say the Yellowstone Grizzly population is not ready to be removed from federal protection. But federal officials disagree and say states have set up adequate management plans that will protect the Grizzly well into the future. Wyoming Game and Fish officials say their Bear Management plan will be closely monitored to make sure they have their target population of Bears. This may include hunting. Meanwhile, conservation groups also worry that protected habitat will now disappear with the Grizzly delisting. But U-S Fish and Wildlife Bear Recovery Coordinator Chris Serveen says the habitat was never protected. Serveen also says states won't lose federal money in the delisting process and actually could get more money to manage the Grizzlies. Many in the ranching industry are hoping that hunting is enacted so Grizzlies once again learn to fear humans.