Grizzly Bears in Wyoming Coming Off Endangered Species List

Laramie, Wy – Nearly 30 years after going on the Endangered Species list the federal government is removing protections for Yellowstone Grizzly Bears. Right now there are over 500 of the bears living in the Yellowstone Ecosystem, which includes Wyoming.
This year there will not be in any hunting of the bears in Wyoming, but that is possible in the future.
As part of the ongoing conservation plan there will be monitoring of all bear deaths and the US Fish and Wildlife Service's Chris Servheen says there will be strict limits on the number of grizzlies killed. He says this means hunting will not result in the re-listing of the grizzly bear.
Wyoming's Congressional delegation says this decision came much too late, and was held up by bureaucracy not science.
Some environmental groups say the grizzly bear population is still not large and diverse enough to survive.