Group excited that Yellowstone road debate will occur

Yellowstone National Park – For many years those in and around Yellowstone National Park have discussed the idea of a new winter entrance from Montana. Friday, County Commissioners from Montana and Wyoming, along with a host of experts will discuss the concept in detail. One idea is to clear a path from the Pilot Creek parking lot to Cooke City, Montana. However, that idea is opposed by many Wyoming officials because it could impact tourism and remove some snowmobile trails. Friday's meeting will be facilitated by the Friends of the Beartooth All American road. The organization's Kim Capron is excited that a formal debate will finally take place.
"There's a huge diversity on whether it's a good or bad idea and there is a lot of passion behind the conversation. But what our organization likes to see is that everyone is being included."
The meeting will take place at the Cooke City Visitor Center on Friday from 10:30 to 2:30.