Group says a wind tax could slow down industry

Laramie, Wy – The Governor's office is developing a proposal to tax wind energy generation. It wants lawmakers to consider the concept during the upcoming legislative session. The Wyoming Power Producers Coalition is one of the groups offering input, and it met with the governor's staff last week. Executive Director Cheryl Riley says her group has cautioned against taxing wind production in the near-term, saying more taxes could bring Wyoming wind development to a standstill.
"If another tax is added onto what is status quo right now it's going to be very difficult for wind to be developed in the state. So that's why we're trying to work with the governor's office to develop something that will both cover the impacts the counties and the state have but also allow for development of wind."
In November, the legislature's Joint Revenue Committee decided not to sponsor two bills to tax wind energy production. Governor Freudenthal's spokesman, Jonathan Green, says the governor's office is meeting with a range of stakeholders.