Group supports positive changes to wolf plan

Laramie, Wy –
Wyoming lawmakers plan to meet in the next month to discuss whether or not to sue the federal government or come up with a new plan. The discussion centers on the recent decision to once again place wolves on the endangered species list. It's possible Wyoming may need to come up with a new wolf management plan, since a judge and others have expressed concern about Wyoming's plan that calls wolves predators allowing them to be killed in much of the state. Melanie Stein with the Wyoming chapter of the Sierra Club says a new plan needs to consider the tourism dollars that wolves bring to the state. "Upwards of 35 million dollars to the counties around Yellowstone National Park. We really should view that as a benefit and as a resource for our states."
Stein says if the state comes up with a new plan, it is a chance for all of Wyoming to have a say in what it looks like.