Group urges more people to sign-up for health care program

Laramie, WY – A newly formed Wyoming consumer advocate group is trying to get more people to take advantage of a federally funded health care program. It's called the Wyoming Pre-Existing Condition Insurance Plan and it provides health insurance to those who are dropped from coverage until the new federal health care law is able to provide insurance for everyone. Barb Rea of the group called Wyoming Consumer Advocates: Project Health Care says only 17 people in the state have signed up for the program. She fears that the program has not received enough publicity, "There may still be an affordability problem," she says. "Because really when you have a chronic condition, every dime goes towards your needed medicines or whatever your treatment is."
The cost of the program is based on your age. But Rea says it is a wonderful program with no strings attached to it.
Those interested can go to the website