Group wants better accounting of DUI's

Laramie, Wy –
A group advising the Governor has released recommendations for how to reduce impaired driving on Wyoming roads. Lorrie Pozarik facilitates the group. She says they came up with 16 recommendations. One of them is to have municipal and circuit courts change how they keep track of driving-under-the-influence convictions. Pozarik says these local courts don't always submit data on DUI offenses to a statewide database. That means the system doesn't always catch multiple DUI offenders.
"If the data is not submitted, then the offender who is arrested for a second offense may not have any way of knowing that there was a first offense, and thus charge that person as a first offender a second time."
Pozarik says catching multiple offenders is important - since current Wyoming law only allows judges to send drunk drivers to prison if they receive four DUI convictions in five years. Among the group's other recommendations are helping police officers identify drug users... and updating the Wyoming Chemical Testing Lab to test for newer drugs. The group will put together a plan by September for how the state could implement these recommendations.