Group Wants Laramie to Sign Global Warming Pact

Laramie, WY – A group of Laramie residents wants their city to sign on to a national pact to fight global warming. Jackson became the first so-called Cool City in Wyoming last year when Mayor Mark Barron agreed to reduce carbon emissions seven percent from 1990 levels over a period of five years. That can be done by reducing the town's energy use and purchasing power from renewable sources. Bart Geerts is a professor in atmospheric science at the University of Wyoming, and he's helping to lead the effort to get Laramie to join the coalition of more than 300 American cities that have done the same. He says it's important because Wyoming will be affected by climate change. "Changes will be substantial and we will have to alter our lifestyle. And rather than wait and see, I think we can do something about it because what we're doing now to a large extent is irreversible," he said. The group is meeting on April 19 to try to gather support from city leaders as well as local businesses and the university.