Group Wants Thinning Of Elk And Bison

Yellowstone National Park – A nationwide cattlemen's group is calling
on Yellowstone National Park to reduce bison and elk numbers as
part of efforts to eradicate the livestock disease brucellosis.
After being nearly eliminated elsewhere in the country over the
last several decades, brucellosis still lingers in the park's
The disease, first brought to the area by early European
settlers, causes pregnant cows to abort their calves.
Infections in cows surfaced in recent weeks on two ranches in
the Greater Yellowstone area - in Daniel, Wyo. and Pray, Mont. The
source of infection is under investigation.
To guard against future transmissions, the California-based U.S.
Cattlemen's' Association says the federal government should reduce
Yellowstone's elk and bison populations to help contain the animals
within the park.