Group warns that Wyoming students aren't prepared for future

Oct 8, 2012

A group called America’s edge says many Wyoming students lack the education they may need for future jobs.  

Martha Brooks of the national jobs group says that there is a looming skills gap for all workers in the state.  Brooks is telling state leaders that many science and technology jobs will soon be available in the state, but her group questions whether Wyoming students will be able to fill those jobs.  She says there are warning signs right now.

“You are bringing in a lot of people from outside the state who have the skills to do to the job, but some of your own people within Wyoming are still sitting unemployed and will be unemployed in the future when they graduate from high school, because they don’t have the skill set to do the job.”

Brooks is challenging education leaders to not only look for new ways to challenge students, but to also teach them skills that would translate into the workforce. Brooks also is encouraging education leaders to prepare students for the job market.

“Science, engineering, math are important to have, but how you put them together in a future jobs situation is more critical now then it may have been in years past.”

Brooks says her group is also a strong proponent of early education.