Groups oppose latest Rocky Mountain Power rate hike request

Jun 13, 2012

The Wyoming Public Service Commission will be considering another rate hike for Rocky Mountain Power. 

The Utility says it would like to raise rates by a total of 50 million dollars to pay for such things as power plant maintenance, rising electricity costs, growth, pollution control and transmission. It is the sixth year in the row that the company is asking for such a hike. 

But a number of groups are intervening in the case, including the Wyoming Consumer Advocate who is recommending a modest increase of 15 and a half million dollars.  Tim Summers of Wyoming A-A-R-P says the annual rate hike is difficult on low and fixed income people.  Instead of annual increases, he’d like to see the company do long term planning.

"Revise their strategy a little bit. Come up with some multi-year strategies that don’t hit consumers each and every year."

Rocky Mountain power would like the rate hike to go into effect in October.  A public hearing on the request will be held Friday in Casper.