Groups Want More Warning Before Lease Sales

Laramie, Wy – Three conservation groups announced Friday that they are asking the U-S Bureau of Land Management for four months' advance notice of oil and natural gas lease sales in Wyoming.
The environmentalists also want landowners who would be affected by proposed lease offerings to be notified.
The request from the Biodiversity Conservation Alliance, Powder River Basin Resource Council and Wyoming Outdoor Council comes after the B-L-M announced new requirements for protesting oil and
gas lease sales.
Currently, notice of proposed sales are made at least 45 days before the sale date, and protests can be filed up until the day before a sale.
But under the new plan, protests would have to be filed at least 15 days before the sale date.
Officials have said they're trying to render the protest process fairer for all involved. But the conservation groups contend the plan doesn't allow adequate review time.