Groups want Oil and Gas Conservation Commission to address development issues.

May 22, 2013

A coalition of Wyoming groups has filed a rulemaking petition to the Wyoming Oil and Gas Conservation Commission to address oil and gas development in the state.

The petition focuses on three main issues: increasing the setback of drilling rigs from homes, schools and businesses, adequate enforcement in the case of accidents and spills…and reducing the practice of flaring. Powder River Basin Resource Council’s Jill Morrison says flaring has been a recognized problem for some time.

“I think the reason the Commission has flagged it, and the Legislature has flagged it, and the Governor has flagged, is that it is a very serious waste of a very important resource that the state and private mineral owners are losing royalty money on and we’re losing tax dollars on. But it’s also a health a safety issue.”  

Morrison is hopeful that the Commission will discuss these issues.

“These are all really important issues for people in Wyoming dealing with oil and gas issues. I think we’re hopeful the Commission will discuss it and move forward with it in a forum that allows the public to provide input.”

It’s up to the Supervisor of the Oil and Gas Commission to decide whether to put it on the docket. From there, Commissioners will vote on how to proceed.