GTMF commissions Pulitzer-winning composer

Laramie, Wyo. – The Grand Teton Music Festival has commissioned Pulitzer- and Grammy-winning composer Jennifer Higdon to write a new work, in time for its 50th anniversary season next summer.

Higdon will be visiting Grand Teton National Park in the coming week to develop her ideas for the piece. She says she doesn't begin writing with strict thoughts about what the result will be. Instead, she experiments, and daydreams. "It's an interesting thing because a lot of times it's done for a composer by the feel," she says. "It's not even a process of being analytical. It's just, "What does this music feel like? Does it fit the picture in my head of the place you're writing about?"

Higdon's Grammy-winning Percussion Concerto will be performed at the Grand Teton Music Festival next Friday and Saturday. Her new piece for the festival will be a 20-minute orchestral work.