Guard members getting closer to home

Laramie, WY – The Wyoming Army National Guard's largest deployment in state history is coming to an end. The last of the 700 guard members could be back in Wyoming by Friday. All of the soldiers are already back in the U-S, but several hundred are still going through the demobilization process at Fort Hood in Texas. Captain Scott Morry says he understands going through Fort Hood is necessary, but after a year in Kuwait, he's anxious to get home and has something he's looking forward to.
"Mainly spending time with my family, I miss them more than I can say. Getting to know my kids because they've grown up a lot in the last year."
Morry has three children, and he's among many Guard members who left their families behind to serve supporting the war in Iraq. Most of Wyoming's National Guard soldiers were based in Kuwait. No guard member died during the deployment, and there were also no major injuries.