Guice Trial Continues

Laramie, WY – In Laramie, Wednesday was the second day of a fraud trial against a former state legislator. Jurors heard from several officials of the company Terry Guice allegedly took over $50,000 from. This case involves a 2001 highway project on Wyoming 34, performed by Oftedal Construction. Jolene Schmidt, who handles Oftedal's accounts payable, testified about the eight checks she wrote to a company called TLG Supply. The prosecution says TLG was a sham company Terry Guice created and that the products paid for were never delivered to the construction site. But on cross-examination, Schmidt said she had no knowledge of any documents showing what actually showed up, from TLG or any other company. Lynn Ruf, who does auditing for Oftedal, told the court she was surprised by the presentation of TLG's invoices, specifically they were one-part invoices without carbon copies. Ruf said they looked like something off of Microsoft Publisher. The prosecution contends the items supposedly sold by TLG could have been sent from Oftedal's Casper warehouse. But Ruf had to admit she couldn't produce the requisition forms that showed what items were ordered from Casper in the first half of 2001. The defense believes they were destroyed.