Halliburton Donates $3M To University Of Wyoming

Mar 4, 2014

A conceptual drawing of the University's proposed 'high bay' research facility.
Credit University of Wyoming

The University of Wyoming is getting a major donation for its new energy and engineering research complex.  Halliburton is giving $2 million to be applied towards a 'high bay' research facility.  

The facility's size will allow for large scale experiments.  Halliburton is also giving UW an additional $1 million for research into unconventional oil and gas reservoirs.  The gift will be matched by the state.  Governor Matt Mead says it was an exciting discussion with Halliburton.

“What we are doing now and what we will do in the future, we are doing some things that no one else in the world is doing, and so when you can show up in Houston and say that, we get the attention of industry,” Mead says. “That is a remarkable thing.”

Mead and Halliburton’s Dave Lesar predict that the new facility will put UW at the forefront of energy research.  The university has now raised $13 million of its $15 million goal for the project.