Harsh Words Exhanged Over Amendment Lawsuit

Cheyenne, WY – A lawsuit challenging how four constitutional amendments will appear on the ballot next month was called frivolous today by Wyoming's Secretary of State and Attorney General. The goal of the lawsuit is to have the entire text of the proposed amendments appear on the ballot, and not just summaries. Secretary of State Joe Meyer says printing a summary is how amendments have been presented since statehood. One of the four amendments would allow the legislature to cap damages in medical malpractice cases. Attorney General Pat Crank believes this 11th hour lawsuit is not about making sure voters are fully informed, but an effort to hang a legal cloud over the issue as a way to kill that amendment. One of the plaintiffs, Tom Throop of Lander, says that is absolutely false and that he's surprised by the unprofessionalism of the Attorney General and Secretary of State. Throop says their response should have been on the merits of the issue because he says it's not frivolous, not an attempt to cloud any of the amendments, but rather a very legitimate constitutional question.