Hartville residents believe their Post Office will be closed

Hartville, WY – After meetings with postal officials last week, Hartville residents are not optimistic about the future of their post office. Hartville mayor Darrell Offe says he expects that after the 180 day comment period ends, the decision will be made to close the post office.
"We're feeling quite sad about that, but at the same time we're not going to throw in the towel yet. We're going to take all the approaches that are still available to us to make our congressional delegation aware of our problems, and hopefully convince the postal department to take another look at keeping the post office."
The Hartville office serves about 70 residents and three businesses in town and has been closed and reopened a total of five times since 1882.
Offe owns the building that houses the post office and he has offered the building free of charge to the postal service if the town can keep its postal facility.
Federal officials are eyeing closing from 9 to 40 post offices in Wyoming.