Hathaway Scholarship Info Slow to Reach Homeschoolers

Casper, WY – Now that the Hathaway Scholarship program is up and running, Northwest College in Powell is reaching out to families that home school to make sure everyone understands the program.
Beverly Bell is director of financial aid and scholarships at Northwest. She says families that home school often complain that they don't get information about scholarships and other programs.
That's why Northwest is reaching out. But there are still some unanswered questions on both sides. For example, because the Hathaway is based in part on grades, there's a question of how to evaluate those home-school students who don't get grades.
There's also a question whether home-school students who get their diploma from an out-of-state correspondence school will be eligible for the Hathaway.
Deborah Karst is Hathaway coordinator for Northwest College. She
says they're trying to get some clarification on those questions, so they can give parents all the right information.