Hathaway Will Benefit All

Laramie, Wy – While the Hathaway Scholarship does provide opportunities for Wyoming high school students who begin college in the fall of 2006, some feel that other students enrolled in Wyoming colleges are being shortchanged of the state's generous gift. However, the University of Wyoming Interim Director of Admissions, Noah Buckley, says its implementation will actually benefit all students. The university awards scholarships to those who do well in the classroom, but since the state is now giving those same students money, the school has more to give to others. These funds are being redirected to good students both from in and out-of-state who did not receive the Hathaway scholarship. In addition, the university is working to change their procedure for awarding scholarships. Rather than having to fill out multiple applications, upon admission the university will decide what general and departmental scholarships a student is eligible for based on their grade-point-average, test scores, and extracurricular involvements.