Have a choice? Fill up in Cheyenne

Laramie, WYO – The Lundberg Survey shows that Cheyenne is the cheapest city in the nation to buy gasoline.

The report shows an average gallon of regular gas in Cheyenne will put you back 2-dollars and 77-cents.

Denice Harris, a spokeswoman for AAA Mountain West, says the entire state is enjoying the lowest fuel prices in the country at an average of 2-dollars and 90-cents. But she says drivers should still plan to pay more at the pump in 2008.

"It's important to figure gas prices in your yearly budget because if we are starting out this high it's fair to say they are only going to get higher," Harris says.

Gas prices usually go down this time of year, but Harris says unrest in oil-rich countries likely means the cost of gasoline will only get higher.

According to the Lundberg Survey, the highest prices were in San Francisco, where a gallon was listed at three-thirty nine on average.