Health recommend testing for cancer-causing radon while the weather is cold

Feb 12, 2013


The Wyoming Department of Health is encouraging Wyomingites to test their homes for radon this winter.

After smoking, radon is the second-biggest cause of lung cancer in the country. Radon is an odorless gas that rises up from decaying radioactive materials in the earth. It can concentrate in homes, especially when they’re closed up for the winter, creating suction on the soil below.

Radon Program Manager Steve Melia says a radon detector can tell whether radon is concentrated at harmful levels in a home.

“We encourage everyone to test their homes at least once every two years, or whenever you make structural changes to your home.”

Melia says there are various ways to retro-fit a home to divert radon and protect residents once the levels are determined.

Information about radon or where to buy disposable radon testing kits is available on the Wyoming Department of Health’s website: