Healthcare enrollment picks up in Wyoming

Jan 9, 2014

Tom Hirsig

The Wyoming Insurance Commission says more people are starting to take advantage of the Health Insurance Exchange ever since the federal website was revamped.  Tom Hirsig told the Legislature’s Joint Health and Labor Committee that after a slow start some 5,000 Wyoming residents have received insurance through the exchange.  He says things will continue to pick up.

“I think anytime you have changes like this most people are not the first ones to jump on board with the change," Hirsig says. "I think there will be a lot of delay, people will want to wait and see that everything’s ok.  I would expect that we will see some more increase through the open enrollment.”

Hirsig says it’s hard to say how many of those who've purchased insurance didn’t have it before.  He says it will take two years to determine if the exchange was a success.