Hearing on Ayers' visit set for Monday

Laramie, WY – There was a free speech rally at the University of Wyoming today (Thursday), on the steps of the Cheney International Center. Students, professors and others were reacting to the university's decision not to allow 1960s radical-turned-academic William Ayers to speak on campus. Veterinary Sciences professor Donal O'Toole indicted University President Tom Buchanan. He reminded the audience of Buchanan's willingness to allow a university center to be named for former Vice President Dick Cheney.
"We were lectured by Tom Buchanan that one sign of a good university is that a good university embraces controversy. Now, it's a very one-armed embrace. And the conclusion I've come to is Tom embraces controversy when the controversial figure comes to him with fistfuls of dollars."
A hearing in federal district court on Monday should determine whether or not U-W will be forced to allow Ayers to speak on campus. If Ayers is not permitted to appear at U-W, he will speak at the Laramie civic center on Wednesday night.