High Tech Company Moving to Casper

Casper, WY – The Casper Area Economic Development Alliance is excited about a San Jose, California company moving its headquarters to Casper. CAEDA President Chris Manegold can't identify the company yet, but says the firm does cutting-edge high tech work that will make it unique to Casper. Even though they will only have about a half dozen people in Casper, Manegold says the company is quite a catch because the ownership and other key people in the firm will be moving. He also hopes by attracting a high-tech California company, that others in the field will consider Casper and Wyoming. Manegold says CAEDA will be sure to highlight this success as it works to attract other businesses. He says the company could have re-located anywhere, but chose Casper after a nationwide search. The company scouted Casper on its own as part of a nationwide search, and was put in touch with CAEDA by an existing Casper business. Manegold says this shows how local businesses can help with economic development.