Highway Department Changes Mind

Dubois, Wy – The Wyoming Department of Transportation
has decided not to reroute U-S 26/287 during reconstruction of the
highway over Togwote Pass in northwest Wyoming. The agency had studied moving a section of the roadway in an area known as Rosie's Ridge because the existing route requires a
lot of maintenance due to the area's steep slopes and frequently
icy weather.
The state Game and Fish Department and conservationists had
questioned the idea of moving the roadway because the proposed
realignment would take the road through prime habitat for wildlife,
including grizzly bears.
In the end, the Transportation Department decided that
environmental, cultural and other obstacles made the new route not
worth pursing.
The highway connects Dubois with Grand Teton National Park. The
state Transportation Department is undertaking a project to
reconstruct 38 miles of 26/287 at a cost of about 125 (M) million
dollars over seven years.